Yes! Of Course.

Kusebut nama-Nya saat ku mulai tuk menggetarkan jemariku
 Ini adalah cerita yang pernah saya jadilkan sebagai bahan untuk ujian Bahasa Inggris saat kelas tiga SMA. Hm.. waktu itu saya melakukan "story telling" di parkiran sekolah. Alhamdulillah nilainya cukup memuaskan. 

Long, Long ago. There was a poor man in the village. He only had a little hut near his field. Everyday, he always went to his field to cultivate or saw his plants only, and went back before sunset.

" Oh, nuts! It's no food here. "Said the poor man. He looked for some food around of his hut, but nothing for food there.

" I'm hungry, very very hungry, what should I do ? "

The poor man was dizzy because his stomach vacuum, he screamed like a fox barking every full moon, but no one helped him. Until he slept in tired.

In the morning, the poor man was shocked by his field. His field had been destroyed by the heavy rain last night.

" Oh, my god! What happen? Oh. No.. " he ran around, and his hut became to bad.

" I must go to Mr. Fulan. " the poor man walked to the city, to met with Mr. Fulan, the richest man in the country. 

" Excuse me, Mr. Fulan. I … "

" Hey, !! Don't touch me! Who're you ? " Asked Mr. Fulan

" I'm from village, my field had been destroyed by the storm last night. Please give me loan."

" What ? do you mean money ? Oh, are you crazy? Looking to your body, poor man! Your clothes old and faded, you smell. Get out!! " Said Mr. Fulan Sharply

The poor man lived on way, his hut had trashed and his field has been sold to get some food.

" Now, I have nothing. And  Mr. Fulan breaks my heart!! " Said the poor man.

" Oh, well. I know something. I have to buy parrot! Yes, parrot." And the poor man went to the market and bought a parrot with his remnant money, he bought new clothes also.

Everyday he thought the parrot to say " Yes, Of Course." And few days later, the parrot could say " Yes, of course"

" Now, I'll show to Mr. Fulan who is the richest. "

The poor man went to Mr. Fulan house, Fortunatelly, Mr. Fulan was celebrating his harvest. All peoples came to his party. Before he entered to Mr. Fulan house, he buried some gold in the garden.

" Mr. Fulan !! " screamed the poor man,

" Oh, you! Why? Why do you here? Hah ?" asked Mr. Fulan

" Oh, calm down, calm down okay. Well, I want to sell this parrot to you,"

" Parrot? Hahahahhaha … a parrot? Okay! I'll buy it.. How much? "

" You can buy it with all your wealth. Because this is miraculous parrot you know, it's can tell you to find gold. Gold Mr. Fulan! Gold! " Said the poor man, " Let me show it."

The poor man and his parrot went out to the garden followed Mr. Fulan.

"Parrot my dear, If I dig this soil, Will I find gold? " asked the poor man

" Yes, Of Course. " answered the parrot.

" I'll dig this soil." Said poor man, and then , " Oh,,, see!! This is gold!!"

" I can't believe this." Said Mr. Fulan " I'll buy you parrot, poor man. I'll buy it with all my wealth!."

After that, the poor man became rich, but he was also kind to other poor man in the country. And how about Mr. Fulan ?

Ever since then, Mr. Fulan walked around to one place and other place to find gold.

"Parrot my dear, If I dig this soil, Will I find gold? " asked Mr. Fulan

" Yes, Of Course." answered the parrot

But there wasn't gold, every place, no gold for Mr. Fulan

"Hei ugly Parrot, if I dig this soil, Will I find gold? " asked Mr. Fulan again

" Yes, of course." answered the parrot, but nothing for gold,

Mr. Fulan still tried, he climbed the mountain, and in top of the mountain he asked to the parrot, " Hey, crazy parrot! If I dig this soil, Will I find gold? "

" Yes, Of Course. " Answered parrot, Mr. Fulan try to find gold, but nothing. There was no gold. " Where's the gold?"

" Yes, Of Course. " Answered parrot

"Are you lying parrot?"

" Yes, Of Course. " Answered parrot

" Oh, no …. !!!"

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